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Rental Management

Over the last five years, short term rentals have increased in popularity over conventional hotel stays, as they offer more flexibility and affordability. What has not caught up to the same level as hotels in many cases, is the management and service of the owner and guest experience. Rentaway Management is a leader in this space, optimizing the efficiency and profitability of the property for the owner, while ensuring a superior accommodation experience for the guest.

Full Service

We coordinate all aspects of the rental process to ensure the interests of the homeowner are maintained, while facilitating an exceptional guest experience.

Personalized Approach

No two owners or properties are the same. We blend industry best practices with the wishes of the homeowner to ensure that we match properties with the right rental customers.

Property Protection

We treat your property like our own and make sure that the best rental screening, monitoring, and maintenance programs are available, to protect the value of your asset.

Maximized Returns

Through active management, market analysis, and the use of the best technology we ensure that your occupancies and rental rates provide the best financial yield on your investment.

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Property Maintenance

Property maintenance and rental management often go hand in hand, in that the furnishing, maintenance, and improvements to the home will optimize the rental experience, while maintaining the value of the asset. Making sure that your home is in the best shape it can be will give you peace of mind, while maximizing your financial returns.

Maintenance and Repairs

All homes require upkeep and we provide regularly scheduled checks to review anything that may require service. We either do the work or coordinate with an external specialist to perform all maintenance and repairs.

Safety and Security

We will analyze your home and provide recommendations on what improvements can be made to monitor your home before, during, and after the rental process. The use of technology is a large part of this strategy.

Trust and Accountability​ 

You don’t want just anyone in your home. We have a list of preferred service providers who may be working on your home. On completion of the work we send in our own staff for quality control and to review the repair or maintenance project.

Peace of Mind

As a passive owner we realize that you may not be on your property assessing potential repairs, maintenance, or improvements. We treat your property like our own to ensure your investment is protected and shows like new for the next guests.


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Rentaway is a full service short-term rental, property and investment management company.

We provide a unique, fully integrated approach to the short-term rental business that maximizes the experience, efficiency and results for all of our stakeholders being guests, owners and investors.

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