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Real Estate Investments

Partner with us to find a short-term rental investment property that meets your criteria.


Partner with Us

We are actively searching for valuable investment opportunities that we can pursue with investors that are looking to purchase a short-term rental investment property. We work with investors either in partnership through joint ventures or as consultants to help guide them through the purchasing process to ensure they are best positioned for success.

Your Investment Criteria

Help us understand what your real estate investing goals are. We are here to either partner with you or advise you on how to acquire or build an optimal short-term rental property.

Deal Sourcing

Through our network, we are continuously sourcing and vetting acquisitions or development opportunities to present to our investor partners to pursue.

Purchase or Development

Whether it be looking for a value purchase of a turnkey property, or leveraging our construction network to build the perfect home on an empty lot, we will help every step of the way.

High Cash Flow Rental

We believe cash flow is an essential component to a real estate investment. We identify properties that can provide high cash flow, with a strong potential for capital appreciation.

Our Advantage

We are a  team of professionals with experience in management, hospitality, real estate, and construction. We are passionate about wealth creation through real estate investing and are committed to applying our expertise to the benefit of our partners and clients.

Real Estate Experience

Our team are real estate investors, property owners, developers, and managers. We understand, from personal experience, how to drive value for investors.

Professional Network

We have access to a deep professional network to support real estate investors. We ensure that those professionals in our network are vetted and amongst the best in their industry.

Operational Understanding 

We are not armchair quarterbacks. We are hands on as we bring our properties online for investors and under our property management portfolio.

Financial Analysis

We understand the complex relationship between risk and return, cash flow and capital appreciation. We remove the emotion through our expertise in financial analysis.


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Markets we are currently serving:

Vancouver Lower Mainland, BC

Whistler, BC

Okanagan Valley, BC


Rentaway is a full service short-term rental, property and investment management company.

We provide a unique, fully integrated approach to the short-term rental business that maximizes the experience, efficiency and results for all of our stakeholders being guests, owners and investors.

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