Rental Management Services


Professional Photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Your property will stand out amongst the rest by using professionally taken and touched up photos. Our experts will make your property look amazing!


Listing Management

We actively manage your listing across multiple booking channels including our proprietary direct booking platform to maximize exposure and financial results.


Marketing & Advertising

We market and advertise your property directly to potential guests through various techniques like social media marketing, referral marketing, strategic partnerships and more.


Direct Bookings

The use of direct bookings maximizes profitability by cutting out 3rd party booking fees and gives direct access to the renter. This direct contact results in guest loyalty and retention.


Price Optimization

Understanding the market, monitoring supply of comparable rentals, and the use of smart pricing allows us to move rental prices up and down to maximize occupancy and daily rates.


Guest Communication

We have a dedicated and experienced team focused on providing responsive, informative, and welcoming communication, with the highest level of customer service.


Guest Turnovers

Our team manages check-ins and check-outs coordinating our cleaning staff to make sure your property is fully stocked, cleaned and fresh prior to the next guest stay.


Owner Dashboard & Reporting

We provide our clients with access to monitor their property’s results in real-time through our system. On a monthly basis we also provide full performance reports.

Modern Chalet Interior

Rental & Property Services

We manage everything. You earn passive income with peace of mind.


Property Maintenance Services


Cleaning & Laundry

Our cleaners provide a thorough cleaning and inspection after every stay. Our quality control measures ensure that your property is fully stocked and shows like new for the next guests.


Damages & Repairs

With short-term rentals there will be small expected damages and repairs required on your property. Our team is ready and available to take care of those problems as they arise.


Landscaping & Lawn Care 

Our team will monitor and maintain the landscaping and curb appeal of your property. This will increase the guest experience as well as prevent potential damage to your property.


Monitoring & Inspections

After every guest turnover we provide a spot check inspection to make sure there are no damages that need to be claimed. Monthly we also do a more thorough property inspection.


Safety & Security Setup

We have preferred technology enabled products to ensure the security of your property and safety of your guests. We can facilitate the ordering and set up of this for you.


Staging & Assembly Setup

If your short-term rental property isn't already configured when you begin working with us we can help design and set up your property to be positioned for success!


Winterize & Summerize

For certain properties in certain locations winterizing and summerizing may be required for the health of your property. Our team is equip to efficiently service your property.



Have an opportunity to add value to your home but don't have the time or skills? Our team is experienced in home renovations and can complete projects as requested.



Rental Management

Property Maintenance

Rates from:


Our rates start as low as 15%, to a maximum of 20% tailored to each customer based on their service needs/wants. Upon our initial customer consultation we will provide a more detailed quote and agreement for consideration. 

Plans from:



A proactive property management program is discussed with each homeowner as a convenient option to ensure the rental standard of the home is maintained and that improvements are planned and budgeted.


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